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Dec 25, 2012 6:00am PST
's gonna be fine. mike wasn't going to give lassie a present until christmas, but we thought it might cheer her up. ♪ gosh, she doesn't act so good. will she be able to go caroling with us tomorrow night? of course she will. - boy, will we have a time. first we'll stop at mrs. woodruff's. she makes that swell mince pie, remember? i sure do. - then we'll go to willy bruster's; they always have hot crullers. - i had two of them last year. then we'll visit the sinnots, and fill up on gingerbread santa clauses. i hope mrs. brown has those candied apples. boy i can hardly wait. we'll be by about sundown. you and lassie be ready. - we will. bye. - bye, boomer. come on, mike. - bye, boomer. bye, mrs. martin. christmas is the very best part of the whole year. don't you think so, mom? yes, dear. christmas is a wonderful time of the year. i want lassie to enjoy it, too. - she will, dear. ♪ @@p get started before there's nothing left but stumps. yeah, and i got a beauty spot over by the huckleberry patch. what do you say, boy? fresh air will do you a lot of good. you go ahead, dear. i'll ke
Dec 31, 2012 7:00am PST
.♪ ♪here beyond the reach of law and order, mike was right ♪ ♪the best shot with the best man. more of a necessity in this chaotic period of ♪ ♪expansion. an organization was developed to combat the evil forces of the time ♪ ♪an organization called the texas rangers ♪ ♪ever on the job of maintaining law and order, six texas rangers ♪ ♪ride alertly across the western landscape. all are courageous ♪ ♪great shooting men. at their head is a stranger, a half breed scout.♪ ♪one day earlier appeared at a ranger encampment, suffering from ♪ ♪severe wounds... there you are cullins. nothing to worry about now. thanks, captain. i shouldn't worry about a wound. i'm lucky to be alive. you're right. very few people are after those outlaws have struck. killed everybody at the trade post. everyone. mr. simpson, his shape. they had to be tied to their horses to ride away. ier, got two of themle kin to henry.d myself. too bad you couldn't have hit more of them. where did they go?/ they rode up north into the batland. that's pretty rough country. but with wounded men in tow
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2